Episode 12      5 Apr 2018

A New Platform for Creatives in Derbyshire

Derbyshire Artsword will feature a recorded weekly podcast. It will carry interviews with performers, musicians and artists, a 'What's On' section and previews of upcoming events including a special feature, THE RITZ RECOMMENDS, which will highlight films at the Ritz Cinema in Belper. The podcast will be available on iTunes and can be embedded to any website.

As time progresses the web site will host recordings by Derbyshire performers and musicians.

The recordings will include plays, sketches, poetry, spoken word and music.

It's an exciting new opportunity for Derbyshire based artists to get their work exposed.

The web site is open  to groups and individuals, both amateur and professional, twenty four hours per day.

In addition we expect Derbyshire Artsword to attract tourists and show why Derbyshire should be an arts destination. The web enables us to expose Derbyshire talent worldwide.

For more information please contact GEORGE GUNBY ON 07847 478251 or email nonnel@sky.com